Zen and the Art of Bookbinding

(click image for larger picture)

For the last few days (3-4-5?) I’ve been researching Bookbinding (youtube, Gutenberg Project. And now I’ve made my very first bound book, blank. I had to use what ever was laying round the house as I have none of the specialized tools or materials. But using ordinary paper and canvas from my painting, including an old paint rag, I cobbled together the book in the photos. Now I feel like I can go ahead and make a few more in preparation for a commission, 40 – 60 pages of abstract drawings. The reason that I needed to make my own book is that most books that are blank are not suitable for art. They are mostly used and intended for writing. Thanks for your attention to my joy at doing.

2 comments on “Zen and the Art of Bookbinding

  1. Nice book. I like the idea of using canvas for the bookcloth. Did any paint crack off when you folded it?

  2. Thanks. The canvas I used was a little heavy and it made the book a little stiff in opening. But I will do a lighter canvas next time and it should work well. The paint is is quite flexible being acrylic. The next book will use canvas with thinned paint directly on the unprepared canvas. I can’t tell how long the paint will stick, only time will tell. But thin paint absorbed directly into the weave should work the best and give longest life. Note that the second book used raw canvas on the joint and the painted canvas on the unflexing boards. Arnie.

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