off to an imaginary land

reno04_biplanes_42_1imaginary land because i’ve never been there before and the place only exists in my imagination. and while i’ve been flying there in fantasy, i have decided its okay to throw the grammar out the plane door and watched it scatter like a bucket of water tossed up into the wind, like a high waterfall spraying into rainbows. spelling might follow like a good friend and will also be lost to sight. nor is consistency required. who knows what i’ll come up with here?

it’s four in the morning, so I’m already acting like a 20 year-old getting up at noon (London time) after spending all night talking and going to bed at 5:30 in the morning (translates to 9:30 my time). Jet lagged already. rain pouring on the roof.

Anyway, this is the first post of I don’t know how many for the next 4 months as I wander and wonder (I expect) my way along the grand tour of europe and then the same in south india. a sort of pilgrimage undertaken on no holy road, but under the assumption that the whole mess out there of things and places people and events constitute illuminating stages along the path – if i pay attention.

For those of you who have asked to receive email descriptions of the pilgrim’s progress while jay and I are on this trek, note that somewhere on this page is a button that you can click to get an email update linking you to my next post — a subscribe button. We leave on september 10. this blog is posted ‘public’.

Biplane Photo credit: Bill Longshaw via

This post is a repeat of a post at omniferous pen, where i will post most of my travel stuff as i tread the way in foreign (to me) climes.