A Long Absence

I have just started… I have just completed – with a host of others… the first three performances in a four island tour of short plays. The plays were all written by island writers and performed and directed by islanders. The idea started as a way to increase a sense that the Gulf Islands need to be connected socially in order to survive well. You know; make friends on others islands, row/sail/motor across Active Pass, Plumper Pass, Trincomali Channel. Get to know each other, help each other overcome weaknesses in the social fabric, get a sense of the things we have in common. That kind of thing.

In effect we are building a sort of theatrical sanga, or at least that’s my take on it. But of course, like all groups who are trying to build community, I anticipate a certain amount of friction between individuals. But maybe I don’t need to worry. So far everyone has been most hospitable, kind and generous. I wait to see what happens when money is thrown into the mix. But nothing bad (the things misunderstood, the egos and prides, if any show up) will be a problem in the long run. Bumpy stones that find themselves in a river together with other lumpy stones usually round off each others corners or else climb out of the water. So, it’s all good. The only real problem is that it will take me about two days to stop feeling exhausted.

Photo: Toby Snelgrove http://tobysnelgrovephotography.smugmug.com/

You can get the names of the cast from https://unfringedtour.wordpress.com/


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